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I figured if we are going to work together we should get to know one another, I’ll go first. My name is Laura and I have been doing creative things since I could walk and talk. It all started with dance, ballet and tap specifically. While I was a dancer I learned the value of hard work and dedication, it also taught me to strive for excellence. This mindset quickly paid off as I was twice selected to represent Canada at the world tap dancing championships in Germany. These lessons have also served me as I have moved through school and into the Graphic Design and Web Development world. I graduated from both my business program at KPU and my graphic design/ web development program at the top of my class. I was even chosen as one of 6 students from around the world to attend a paid week long graphic design intensive at the University of Gloucestershire. What an amazing experience. 


While my creative right brain is always working, that doesn’t mean I’m a slouch when it comes to the analytical side. From a young age I took after my dad and we would spend hours working through math problems or learning how to use various functions of Excel spreadsheets. I have a passion for business and statistical analysis, yes, I’m a bit nerdy! That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m always cooped up inside at my computer. In fact, the opposite is true, when I’m not coding or creating stunning branding pieces I generally find myself hiking up a mountain to spend the night under the stars or taking my camera out to try and capture a moment of everyday life that is often overlooked. The world is our playground and we all need to experience it together, whether that is on a mountain or through a piece of branded design work!

I am

can't wait to meet you.

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